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Authorization rules

It is now possible for each organization to define authorization rules for access to each user's resources (expenses, reimbursements, and down payments). That is, within the role assumed by each user within the organization (analyst, manager or user), it is possible to authorize or restrict the visualization of the resources.

By default, each organization has three defined rules: the golden rule (which you can not edit or delete), which determines that all administrators have access to everything; a second rule that determines that managers and analysts have access to resources; and the third rule that determines that the users mentioned in the comments have access to the resources. These three rules are required to define the default behavior of the system.

To create a new Authorization Rule, go to Authorization Rules and click New Rule. Just fill in the rule fields and click Submit to create a new rule, which will be applied to new features and old features:


Organization Policies

This new feature allows you to create compliance policies for expenses, further automating the work of administrators and managers. Policies are only applicable to expenditure and, in principle, are based on the labels awarded. To create a new policy, go to Policies and click in New Policy:


Define the criteria:


You can edit or remove policies. Creating a new policy affects only new expenses incurred or expenses that are updated after creation.

New features in reports

The Rexpense reports have gained two new features. Now, in analytic reports, you can directly access the features listed through a link.


Already in the expense reports the filter was added by Invalid status, in accordance with the new Organization Policies feature. One more resource to facilitate your analysis.


Automatic expenses via tracking (mobile)

You can now create automatic expenses from tracking your mobile application. See how simple it is!

Enable the feature when starting a race.


When you're done, you'll see the screen for creating a new estimated cost, calculated from your company's distance rules, in Rexpense. The expense is then available for adjustment and confirmation.

Contribute also with suggestions for the continued development of Rexpense. Your satisfaction is our greatest aim :)

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